After successfully obtaining a DTI SMART award grant to conduct the preliminary R & D in this field a feasibility study was undertaken. Now on the successful conclusion to these trials, Genesis Recycling Ltd has now been formed to take the project through a pre-production phase and ultimately to see a full manufacturing operation result from their investigations.

Key objective
To take problematic waste plastic materials out of the waste stream and produce a quality end product that will supersede concrete alternatives

Not only will the E-kerb have considerable functional advantages over its concrete predecessor; but it will also have the advantage that if mass produced from waste plastic, it will have the capacity to consume very large quantities of materials that would otherwise be land-filled.

Executive summary
Genesis offers ADVANCED SUSTAINABLE NEW GENERATION RECYCLING OF MIXED CONTAMINATED THERMOPLASTIC WASTE, so WE TAKE YOUR DIFFICULT HETEROGENEOUS PLASTIC WASTE and bring you an end product that is without doubt a serious, new age, sustainable alternative to its traditional concrete predecessor.
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